What We Do

We take you on bucket list adventures!

Your adventure starts at our home dock, where you board Quicksilver – the coolest mothership in all of Bocas!

The boat will already be loaded with the kayaks and everything needed to enjoy a fun day on the water.

Enjoy the boat ride, have fun on the kayaks and appreciate the water far away from the crowds.

We take a maximum of 4 people on an adventure – no kayaking in a crowd!

Our mothership

Quicksilver is a 32-foot aluminum landing craft, custom built to transport kayaks and perfectly suited for a comfortable and safe day on the water.

The large roof offers good protection from the sun. The bow gate allows for the easy launch and retrieval of the kayaks while the low gunwale makes getting back on board super easy. There is also a comfortable safety ladder that can be used.

Bocas Water Fun Mothership

Our Hobie Outback kayaks

This fine-tuned kayak is not only exceptionally stable, but also highly versatile, fast, quiet and exceedingly nimble. Its revolutionary pedal drive system allows forward and backward motion at the flick of a toggle, with dual hand control steering. Enjoy the water in comfort from the luxury 4-way adjustable seat.

Bocas Water Fun Hobie kayaks
Bocas Water Fun Hobie Outback adventures

Our mothership can safely and comfortably carry 4 kayaks.

Choose your adventure

We have two all-inclusive adventures for you.

Bocas Water Fun Zapatilla islands


Kayak around both islands while enjoying the scenery. Snorkel if you wish, have your picnic lunch on the beach and just chill in the water. Includes kayaks and safety gear. 4 people max.

Bocas Water Fun Bird Island tours

Bird Island

Kayak around Bird Island while enjoying the sea and the birds. Then we anchor at the Banana Channel where you can explore this historic waterway. Includes kayaks and safety gear. 4 people max.