bird island


Be at our home dock at 08h30 for the start of your adventure. After a short safety briefing you board the mothership that is already loaded with the kayaks and waiting to depart.

We cruise to Bird Island where the mothership will anchor and launch the kayaks. Enjoy pedaling the 1km (± 0.5mi) around the islands.

Back on the mothership you can enjoy a picnic lunch while we leisurely cruise past Bocas del Drago towards the Banana Channel entrance. Here we will anchor while you can explore the beauty and tranquility of this historic waterway.

Ideal for small groups (max 4) of kayak and/or bird enthusiasts who want luxury and comfort. Includes picnic lunch.

What you get

5 Star Experience, about 5.5 hours.

Note: whenever we encounter dolphins with the mothership, we adhere to best practices including staying 30m (100ft)  away and moving parallel to the dolphins. Requests to go closer or cross their route will be ignored.


Group Size Price Per Person
1 person
2 people
3 people
4 people

Price includes mothership crew and fuel costs – no hidden charges.

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